[=] Well, Grenoble is the city I live in now. It's a rather good place to live. Of course, there is some dioxines pollution, that's true and it's a big and unknown problem. But there are also many conveniences here. It's very near from high moutains (Les Alpes), very interesting in winter for sports (snowboard, ski, ...). But in summer, we can also go for walking in  [=] moutains, swin in the little lakes and so on. It's about 2 or 3 hours far from the Mediterranean Sea or Paris by TGV.
Grenoble is a city of 420 000 inhabitants with many students, particularly from the 4 universities, and it's easy to travel in. You can take the bus, the tramway or use your bike through some of the numerous biking paths. I will try to present some activities in Grenoble classified in the following points, but you can still send me an email if you need more information :

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