JavaScript Cookbook
Basic Structure
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
    The script itself

May be before (onload) or after </HTML> (onunload), in <HEAD> (functions group) or in <BODY> (when needed).
or online : <A href="javascript:alert('Hello!')">How are you ?</A>
or from a file : <script src="myfile.js"></script>
Javascript Syntax
Instruction Separator : ;
Comment line : // Comment
Function Declaration : function function_name(Variables) { function_body ... return result }
Condition 1 : if (condition) { expression1 } else { expression2 }
Condition 2 : while (condition) { expression }
Loop : for (Initialisation;Ending Condition;Step Command) { ... }

Some system functions
Get the current date : var date=new Date()
Convert date into time type : var time=date.getTime()   (1000th of second)
Convert time into date type : date.setTime(time)   (mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss)
Get day from date : date.getDay()
Get month from date : date.getMonth()
Get year from date : date.getYear()
Get hours from date : date.getHours()
Get minutes from date : date.getMinutes()
Get seconds from date : date.getSeconds()
Convert date into string type : string=date.toLocaleString()
Ask for a prompt : answer=prompt(question_string,default_value) (= NULL if Cancel)
Open an Alert window : alert(string) (Buttons: OK)
Open a Confirm window : answer=confirm(string) (Buttons: OK and Cancel)
Return the width of current window : screen.width
Return the height of current window : screen.height
Return the number of colors : screen.colorDepth (in Bytes)
Return the name of the explorer : navigator.appName
Return the version of the explorer : navigator.appVersion
Return the reference of the document : document.referrer
Number of letters before 1st caracter : string.indexOf(caracter)
Number of letters before last caracter : string.lastIndexOf(caracter)
Return the value of a form input : input.value
Status value of a window (link) : window.status='status_appearing_in_the_lower_bar'
Return the lower integer value of real : Math.floor(real)

Some system processes
Display a string type : adr.document.write(string)     (string can be any "text and HTML marks", and adr the window address)
Open a window : var,"","width="+width+",height="+height+",left="+left+",top="+up)
Close the current window : window.close()
Set the cursor in the form input : input.focus()
Set a script action with a timeout : setTimeout(script, timeout)

Some (usefull ?) Javascripts
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