LaTeX CookBook
Download here the LaTeX CookBook in TAR.GZ format
[CookBook designed to write reports]
and also :
LaTeX Poster
LaTeX Slides

Warning : This text editor is used for professional editing (books, liflets, reports, letters, ...).
It's a programming language, it needs time to learn, but once learnt, it's so convenient ! :)
Here is the readme file that you may need to compile :

1/ You can decompress the file with WinZip 8.0 or by typing these commands under Linux :
          gunzip rapport_latex.tar.gz
          tar -xvf rapport_latex.tar
2/ Type 'make' to compile if not already done.
3/ Use your favorite DVI file viewer (xdvi for example) to read the document.
4/ In order to print it, you can convert it into PS or PDF format.
5/ Decompress the vierge.tar.gz archive in order< to get a frame of the empty document.
6/ Fill the form, compile, convert et print it. That's all !

Improve this version and send me your ideas !

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